About Shetland

Shetland has a lot to offer those that visit Shetland, we welcome thousands upon thousands of holidaymakers and tourists every year - not forgetting those who make their living in key industries such as oil & gas and they are always blown away by how much there is to see and do as they visit. From our Guest House in Brae, the accessibility to the north is a dream - however, it away from Brae and beyond, there is a world still to see on our remote islands.

Exploring Shetland & Beyond


On the flipside of Shetland, a road trip to the South of Shetland's Sumburgh Head means you could see the famous Puffins who call Shetland their home from April to August. They are a huge attraction to Shetland & the lighthouse in Sumburgh itself. If you do miss the Puffins on your visit, the lighthouse is an attraction itself - with a shop and cafe open seasonally.  

From our Guest House, you also have great access to the West of Shetland - "West is Best" springs to mind with unbelievable sunsets, the Burn of Lunklett (within a stones throw from the famous & original Cake Fridge) and out to the likes of Walls & Skeld. Of course, in the West is also Shetland's ancient capital of Scalloway, which features a well-kept and grand Castle that was built for Patrick Stewart, the earl of Orkney & Shetland. Notorious for his oppression of the people of Shetland, he was executed 16 years after construction began on his castle in Edinburgh in 1615. Scalloway is also the home to a number of bars and a small museum. 

The capital of Lerwick is a 10-minute drive for here, Lerwick the hub of shopping with our famous Da Street that boasts a wide array of shops that show-off local products, as well as the Shetland museum, a number of bars and restaurants. It also kicks off the Up Helly Aa season on the last Tuesday of January which is a must-see if you can come and brave Shetland's nippy January weather.